Worthless Check Unit

In spite of the increase in other forms of payment, bad checks continue to be a problem in Baldwin County and are a serious drain on the small businesses that are the lifeblood of our economy. Intentionally writing a bad check is a crime, and Alabama state law authorizes the District Attorney’s Worthless Check Unit to prosecute this type of bad check-writer.



If you believe someone has intentionally written a worthless check, the Worthless Check Unit may be able to help you recover the amount of the check. However, our role is strictly limited by statute. There are strict legal requirements that must be met and steps that the recipient of the worthless check must take in order for us to effectively assist you. For instance:

  • The transaction must have occurred in Baldwin County
  • The check must have been written within the last 12 months
  • You must not have turned this matter over to a collection agency or tried to collect it through some other civil action.
  • You must not have accepted partial payment.

For detailed instructions on accessing the services of the Worthless Check Unit, please read our Requirements for Submitting a Worthless Check.

Necessary forms:
Merchant Letter Template
Worthless Check Complaint Form


We only accept full payment of the face value plus a fee for dishonored worthless checks that have been submitted by a merchant to our office at either our Foley (Foley Satellite Court complex) or Bay Minette (Circuit Court building) offices. We can now also accept credit cards for payment in person at the offices or in some cases over the phone by calling the Worthless Check Unit at 251-937-0274. Please note that if you chose to pay by credit card, a 2.95% card processing service fee is added to all credit card payments and will be added as a separate charge. We can accept Discover, Visa and Master Card.  We do not currently accept American Express or other cards.  If calling you MUST HAVE the case number and your (defendant’s) name.